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    Major Upgrade Complete: Multiple-Choice Suite (2019-02-24)

    I am happy to announce the completion of a major upgrade of the multiple-choice testing suite. I think you will find that just about all of your suggestions have been included, thank you!Some highlights of the upgrade:edit test questions or the key even after the test has been generatedactivate a feature to allow students to save their incomplete tests for later completionset a date-time window for access to locked tests (great for when you have a sub!)backup an assessment and download for... Read More

    Export Multiple-Choice Items to Kahoot (2018-12-29)

    Export Matching Terms to Kahoot (2018-12-29)

    Export to Quizlet (2018-12-29)

    Quick Tour of Secure Online Writing Task (2018-10-01)

    * NEW FEATURE * Proctored Writing Assessment (2018-08-16)

    One of the challenges posed by 1:1 laptop configurations in classrooms is persuading students to be faithful to academic honesty standards. One way to combat this is the new "proctoring" system installed on the writing app.When students work on a writing assessment here at TeachersWebHost.com, the program records what they do much as a proctor sitting over their shoulder. The system notes the timestamp when the student loads the page, starts typing, clicks buttons on the page. If the student... Read More

    Support for International Characters (2018-08-12)

    The multiple-choice, matching, and writing assessment systems now have support for international characters.Creating accented characters can be complicated and different from device to device. At TeachersWebHost.com, a simple control panel can be revealed to insert an international character at the click of a button!

    Privacy Policy Update (2018-05-28)
    Free Readability App (2018-04-14)

    TeachersWebHost.com how includes an app to assess the readability of text. This feature is integrated in several ways. From the Utilities tab, select "Readability" and paste in your text sample. The app will analyze the text and return the readability using the following measures: Flesch, Flesch-Kincaid,  Automated Readability Index (ARI), The Coleman-Liau Index, and Dale–Chall readability formula.The readability feature is also integrated in the premium writing assessments. Students can... Read More

    Testimonial (2018-04-04)

    "I teach grades 6-9, and I've been using Teacher's Web Host for a few years now and am so grateful for the amount of time it has saved me.  I mainly use the program for my multiple choice tests in vocabulary and chapter questions from our class novels.  Teacher's Web Host automatically grades them and generates analytical reports.  I only need to enter the test once, assign it and they're instantly graded for me!  Just one quiz will save me 30 minutes of grading time;... Read More

    Writing App now has Collaboration Feature (2018-02-20)

     The writing app now supports asynchronous collaboration!Teachers can set a writing task to collaboration mode and specify a due date. Students can then access their peers' writing samples and apply the same editorial highlights, custom comments, and rubric assessments that a teacher would use. The editing suggestions are saved to the students' work so it can be monitored by the teacher. Once scored, students' work is no longer visible to peers.The writing system is an extremely effective... Read More

    ** NEW FEATURE** Running Records (2018-01-21)

      Come try out the new running records program! Students log in, record themselves reading right through the browser, save the recording, and then at the teacher's convenience he or she can listen and analyze the record. It's not just a recording: the program presents the text and easy tools to mark the text online and save the analysis. Calculations are done for you for error rates and accuracy. Add comprehension questions if you'd like. The program automatically generates a progress... Read More

    NEW FEATURE: Automated Progress Charts (2017-12-24)

    ** Great New feature! **When you generate a matching or multiple-choice assessment, you can now opt to have the system automatically update a progress line chart when students complete the assessment.These charts can be easily incorporated into "mail merge" forms for parents or reporting on student progress monitoring.

    TeachersWebHost.com is the Perfect Companion to Google Classroom! (2017-10-22)

    A growing number of apps allows you to integrate TeachersWebHost.com with Google Classroom! TeachersWebHost.com is an ideal companion to Google Classroom! Badges, discussion forums, multiple-choice tests, vocabulary tests, and all these features can be quickly exported right from your TWH control panel into your Google Classroom.Quickly import student rosters from Classroom into TeachersWebHost.com to create student accounts and to enable login via Google SigninEasily export links to... Read More

    Badges Updates (2017-10-16)

    Thanks to suggestions from subscribers, the following updates have been made to the digital badge management system.It's now possible to list who does not have a badge.Badge image size has been increased on the charts page.It's now possible to export a direct link to a Google Classroom to the TeachersWebHost badges page. Students click on the link in Classroom, authenticate using their Google credentials, and access their badges page. (Note: Students can log in using their Google signin only if... Read More

    NEW FEATURE: Accept Digital Signatures for Documents (2017-08-29)

    TeachersWebHost.com now includes an app for accepting digital signatures. This was devised to meet the need of elementary and secondary teachers to get permission forms signed by parents throughout the year. Using the app in TeachersWebHost.com, teachers can post files requesting a digital signature. Parents authenticate their identity via login and digitally "sign" the document. It's quick, easy, reliable, and avoids common problems such as forgotten permission slips.The app is compliant with... Read More

    NEW: Post Element in Google Classroom (2017-08-28)

     NEW FEATURE: You can connect your TeachersWebHost.com account to Google Classroom in a growing number of ways. Now you can push a link to your TeachersWebHost.com activity right into a Google Classroom course feed. Create a test or post a link or create a comprehension test and in three clicks, your students have a link in their Google Classroom course!

    NEW: Import Class Rosters from Google Classroom (2017-08-23)

    You can now import your class rosters from a Google Classroom. The new app is found under the "Students" tab. More interactive features with Google Classroom are in the works...

    NEW: How to Reorder Running Records Charts (2017-08-08)

    How to Edit the Order in Running Records Charts

    How to Save a Multi-part Assessment Report (2017-08-07)

    NEW: Generate Multi-part Weighted Assessments (2017-08-05)

    Sometimes it is useful to create muti-part tests where different parts count differently. For example, a social studies teacher may wish to give a test that has multiple-choice items and an essay and then to weight the essay more. An elementary teacher may want to give several reading comprehension assessments and then to aggregate the score (so each assessment may count the same).This is now easily done here at Teacher's Web Host.

    NEW: Reading Comprehension Assessment (2017-08-02)

    The new reading comprehension assessment suite of apps includes extensive test and item analysis and the usual strong testing security.

    NEW FEATURE: Two-line line graphs for Progress Monitoring (2017-07-19)

      In addition to some improvements to the layout of the graphing system for progress monitoring, a new two-line graph has been added to the chart system. Service providers in special education and reading who need to chart progress against a norm such as a class average or known performance levels will find this progress monitoring app especially useful over spreadsheets. The charts can be easily embedded into form letters home, another time saving feature.

    Video: How to Create Short Answer Jeopardy-style Game (2017-07-18)

    Video: How to Use Classroom Badges (2017-07-18)

    NEW FEATURE: Add Audio Clip to Multiple-Choice Test (2017-07-17)

    The test generator at TeachersWebHost.com now includes the added functionality of attaching audio clips to test questions. Originally envisioned for teachers of languages who assess listening comprehension, this feature can be useful for any listening assessment, practice, or testing accommodation for students with disabilities who need tests read.Watch this five minute video showing how easy it is!

    How to Make a Jeopardy-style Game (video, 2:35) (2017-07-14)

    NEW FEATURE: Special Direct Link from Google Classroom (2017-06-26)

      Although we would really love it if folks would use the Teacher's Web Host course feed, we understand the attraction of Google Classroom. Recognizing this, many tasks now have a special "Google Classroom Link" command. This will generate a link you you to paste into the Google Classroom feed that allows the student to quickly authenticate using his or her Google account and then be redirected directly to the assigned task in Teacher's Web Host.Note that if you're going to link the... Read More

    NEW FEATURE: Use Google Signin (2017-06-20)

    NEW FEATURE:  You and your students can now use Google signin to log in to your Teacher's Web Host account. They will need to still know their virtual classroom number and the account information has to match.

    Allow Open-Notes Multiple-Choice Tests (2017-06-15)

    NEW FEATURE! Sometimes it is useful to offer students an open-notes multiple-choice test. A new function is now installed to disable the security feature of the multiple-choice testing. Normally, if a student opens another tab or anything else on the computer while taking a multiple-choice test, the test shuts down. Under the controls for your test, you can now select "Make Open Notes".

    New Feature: Make File Public (2017-06-15)

    NEW FEATUREYou can now add a file to your blog feed so that it is public on your virtual classroom front page. This was suggested as a way to post public documents like a course syllabus and the like.Note: Files made public are copied to your blog, so if deleted from inside the site they are not deleted from the blog. To delete from the blog, go to Utilities | Magage Blog Posts.

    New Feature: Generate External Links (2017-06-10)

    A new feature has been installed for multiple-choice tests! You can now generate a direct link to email your students for multiple-choice tests. Select "Generate External Link" from the controls for the test. Copy the link that is generated and paste it into anything: an email, a Google Classroom class link list, your own web page, wherever.Students will still need their user name and password credentials to log in, but once that is done they are redirected to the multiple-choice test right... Read More

    Coming Soon: Updated Login (2017-05-18)

    The login procedures will be upgraded soon. For added security, users will be directed to a series of separate pages to authenticate to the web site.

    NEW FEATURE! Automate Badge Awards (2017-04-30)

    NEW FEATURE!Now you can set automatic award of badges for students who earn certain scores! For example, you could have a badge for someone who scores 85 and up or you could have a badge for students who score 100.In the Badges tab, select "Set Up Auto-badge". Choose the badge you want to automate, then set the criteria. At this writing, only score criteria for multiple-choice and vocabulary quizzes can be set. Soon, badge automation will be functional for scores on uploaded papers you score,... Read More

    Global Regents M_C Question Banks for Sale (2017-04-23)

    Global History and Geography Regents multiple-choice question banks for sale at TeachersPayTeachers.com.One free question bank and the rest are under $20 each for hundreds of questions categorized by curriculum topic and by difficulty. Many come from old Regents exams (these are labelled "Basic_Proficiency" in the categories).

    Teacher's Web Host Pricing (2017-04-03)

    Teacher's Web Host is free for your first 30 days, then it's $48 per year. You keep your data -- your test banks and vocabulary banks are all download-able in CSV file formats that can be easily imported into any spreadsheet program.Schools should contact us for site license or group pricing. // //]]>

    Teacher's Web Host and Scratch Programs (2017-04-03)

    According to its website:With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is provided free of charge.Teacher's Web host can be  great place to organize... Read More

    Control Panel Rearranging (2017-03-18)

    Some enhancements have been made to the control panel.A link now appears for an app to "Sign Student Out of Classroom". This is the teacher version of the app in the student control panel for signing out of the classroom. "Grading Rubrics" and "Create Course" apps have been moved to the "Utilities" tab. Progress monitoring apps now have their own page.

    Installing Multiple-Choice Question Bank (2017-03-13)

    Multiple-choice question banks for Teachers Web Host come packed in a compressed ZIP file. This compressed file has text file of the questions which can be imported into a spreadsheet and a collection of images attached to the questions.To install a question bank, be sure the zip file was created at TeachersWebHost.com or at JonesHistory.net. Do not unzip the compressed file. Upload the file to your account under the Question Banks controls, "Restore from Backup".You can edit your questions... Read More

    Teacher's Web Host is Perfect for 1:1 Classrooms (2017-03-01)

    Teacher's web Host was developed in the context of a 1:1 laptop classroom where each student has a Chromebook. The site provides an easy interface to organize all classroom materials for students and to control when they are visible and to whom.Most schools have a sign out sheet student use when they leave the room to get a drink or use the restroom. Teacher's Web Host has a sign-out app that keeps the record for you.Most teachers have to manage textbook inventories. Teacher's Web Host includes... Read More

    Monitoring Student Work Online (2017-02-26)

    When my school introduced ChromeBooks, it was revolutionary. And, like all revolutions, there were some rough spots. Keeping students on-task when the World Wide Web is at their fingertips is hard at first. One answer that worked well for my district was installing software that allowed teachers to see everything students are doing from their own computers and to record this. Knowing they were being spied on annoyed students, but improved on-task behavior.At Teacher's Web Host, the need to see... Read More

    Google is great... but (2017-02-26)

    I have truly become a fan of Google services, really. They're free, extremely reliable, mostly user-friendly. And Google apps are ubiquitous... I almost feel like they're watching as I compose this blog entry even now!But for me, Google and Google Classroom is not a full "learning management system". I have to use Google Classroom to teach some elementary school classes this year because it's part of the curriculum, so I know it's strengths and weaknesses. Google Classroom was mostly built by... Read More

    Your TWH Front Page (2017-02-20)

    When you create your account at Teacher's Web Host, one of the first apps to set up is probably your front page for your virtual classroom. Each subscriber is assigned a virtual classroom number and the address is easy: teacherswebhost.com/room/[your_number].The front page of your virtual classroom has a place for you and your students to log in and then two columns. On the left is a newsfeed for a blog where you can post public information. On the right is space for you to do as you like. This... Read More

    Progress Monitoring Tools (2017-02-19)

    Data driven instruction relies on progress monitoring tools and analysis. Many of the apps at Teacher's Web Host have developed to meet the needs of teachers in progress monitoring.In the student management section of the site, a number of apps assist with progress monitoring. Firstly, there is a reporting system that easily merges data into letterhead reports suitable for mailing home. Teachers enter data in a central database for their students such as the nature of the problem, the... Read More

    Technology and Differentiated Instruction (2017-02-18)

    Call it differentiated instruction or universal design for learning, either way it is a recipe for maximizing student achievement by minimizing irrelevant obstacles to learning. If teachers of old, working in one room schoolhouses and all grades in one room, could just see what we have today!Teacher's Web Host provides a powerful and flexible online learning management system that paves the way for effective differentiation that will not burn out the teacher. Built-in assessment systems that... Read More

    Advantages Over Other Class Content Management Systems (2017-02-17)

    Teacher's Web Host has many advantages over other content management systems such as Google Classroom. One of my early frustrations with Google Classroom was the inflexibility in ordering the links in the class feed. I could only set the order of assignments by moving them to the top. Teacher's Web Host lets me set the precise order of my assignments with an easy drag and drop interface. In addition, Teacher's Web Host lets me hide individual assignments or a whole unit at a time so I can save... Read More

    Badges at Teacher's Web Host (2017-02-16)

    Badges are becoming a popular and effective way to mark progress and reward achievement in digital learning environments. Like merit badges earned by girl and boy scouts, these digital images can be collected by students to show progress or awarded by teachers to give permission or assign to groups.Teacher's Web Host has an efficient and easy to use system for managing badges awarded to students. Students can be organized into groups for easy management. Contact the help desk if you don't have... Read More

    Teacher's Web Host Blog (2017-02-16)

    As more and more classrooms become equipped with Chromebooks, iPads, and other devices, it is becoming increasingly important to organize all of the different services and web sites students and teachers need in the course of their work. Teacher's Web Host is proposed as one such organizing solution. It can be the backbone of your teaching, presenting resources in an organized and flexible fashion. However, it is much more than just a link list! The apps at Teacher's Web Host... Read More

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