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David Jones is the proprietor of Innovation Assessments. He has been a public school teacher in New York State since 1991. He holds permanent teaching certifications for French 7-12, Social Studies 7-12, and Elementary (N-6). He taught French for thirteen years, then switched to teaching social studies in 2004. His teaching experience also includes other related subjects and computer courses elementary through college level. Since the early 1990s David has had an interest in computers and computer programming. He is a certified computer network technician (CompTIA Network+ Certified) and has taught high school and community college level computer courses.

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  • Content Management System

    Post links to lessons, resources, assessments, etc. in the playlist for each of your classes. Re-order the playlist in any order you would like. Hide and reveal playlist elements as you need them. Easily build an entire course and show-hide units as they are needed. This is a full content management system suitable for teaching a complete course online.

  • With Google Classroom

    Import students from Google Classroom so they can quickly log in to TeachersWebHost.com using their Google credentials. Post links to assessments and activities to your Google Classroom in four clicks. Post links to scoresheets and digital classroom badges to Google Classroom. Share Google docs, sheets, and slides right in TeachersWebHost.com class playlists. TeachersWebHost.com is the perfect companion for Google products, having been developed with classes in a 1:1 environment using ChromeBooks.

  • Test Generators

    Full-featured multiple-choice test generators include: practice apps, richly detailed item analysis, automated progress monitoring charts, security to impede cheating, and efficient management apps for test question banks which you can download and share with others. Comprehension app creates auto-corrected multiple-choice assessment on either a reading, a sound file, and/or an embedded video.

  • Writing Assessment

    Mark up student writing errors right in the text. The writing app tabulates error rates for over a dozen common types of errors and automatically generates progress charts and item analyses. An ever-growing collection of grading rubrics for all writing types across K-12 grade levels is fully integrated in each task and assessment report, making it obvious to students why their work scored as it did.

  • Digital Classroom Badges

    Automate badge awards for assessments based on criteria you set. Create badge-award offers so students can exchange badges for some reward in your classroom. Maintain an organized library of badges for your students to reward achievement and/or grant permissions.

  • Running Records

    Students can record themselves reading right through their browser. Teachers can assess their student's recording of text using standard running record markup. The app automatically adds results to a progress monitoring chart for each student. This app was develped in consultation with two NYS certified reading teachers.

  • Progress Monitoring Charts

    Automated or manual progress monitoring charts enrich our teaching by bringing us data to inform decision-making. Line charts, bar charts, reading charts are all available and can be integrated in custom reports.

  • Moderated Online Discussion

    Moderate online discussion forums that have integrated grading systems. Apply choice of rubric to student contributions to discussion threads. Students can practice good discussion etiquette and exercise their logical reasoning abilities in moderated online discussion for debatable subjects. The forums can also be useful places to share resources in a class project, for example, witness affadavits in a class mock trial or resource sharing in a group research project.

  • Report Generator

    Developed in consultation with a NYS certified reading teacher, the report generator lets busy teachers create customized reports for progress monitoring or just letters home. Construct form letters with elements customized for individual families. Embed progress charts on reports with your school letterhead.

  • Classroom Inventory

    Streamline textbook loan management and classroom inventory. Once the textbook inventory is installed, students can borrow classroom materials and sign them out from the TeachersWebHost.com control panel using single-use permission codes provided by teacher.

  • Student Activity Tracking

    Students can sign in and out of your classroom using an app on the control panel that saves student in and out times to database. Every student activity on the web site is logged in an extensive audit. The auditor app notes activities like login, startup of an activity, page view, assessment scoring, etc. It's important to hold students accountable and the auditor can be used to verify accounts students give of their online work.

  • Public Web Site and Blog

    Your account comes with a "Front Page" which you can customize. Each teacher is assigned a "virtual classroom number" by the system. Your web site is TeachersWebHost.com/Room/[number]. The front page comes with a blog and space for whatever you would like.

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The Proprietor's Blog

Innovation Assessments

David Jones, 2018-04-06 08:09:16

A K-12 teacher who has a technology-integrated classroom uses a patchwork collection of apps and services, paid and free, to deliver her lessons. Finding apps that do “just the right thing” can be challenging and keeping it all organized is important.

Innovation Assessments is an online assessment service for K-12 school teachers that offers a blend of free and paid software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications at its website TeachersWebHost.com. The apps have been designed to meet the needs of teachers to organize their online content and to assess students' learning. The apps are utilities for teaching and assessing reading, writing, and content knowledge with plans for developing apps for teaching and assessing mathematics in the near future. TeachersWebHost.com is integrated in the Google for Education suite of apps.

The business owner has been a full-time public school teacher since 1991 and developed these software applications for his own use as well as that of many of his coworkers.

Innovation Assessments delivers its service through its website TeachersWebHost.com (TWH). The principle target consumer for TWH is the individual K-12 classroom teacher, though the service could also be useful for tutors and teachers who provide home schooling or private lessons. TWH offers access to a collection of free and paid software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications that are principally for assessment. On business opening, there are apps for assessing reading, writing, and content knowledge. There are also apps for organizing classroom inventory, monitoring student online work, review and practice, and statistical analysis of test data.

Subscribers have access to all site features for free for thirty days, after which selected “premium” apps are available on a monthly fee basis (namely, objective testing, reading assessment, writing assessment, and online discussion assessment). Teachers next need to generate sub-accounts for their students, which can be done in any of three ways: teacher can create each student account, teacher can give students a self-registration code to make their own accounts, or teacher can import student accounts from Google Classroom. Additional fees apply to add student sub-accounts over the 150 that come standard with each subscription. The site is immediately accessible upon successful account creation. There is an online support system for teachers who need assistance and a growing collection of videos that demonstrate the use of each application on the site.

The assessments operate from databases of question banks. Teachers enter their test questions, reading tasks, writing prompts, etc. into databases and then select the elements from lists when generating activities. These test question/prompt banks can be downloaded and shared with other subscribers or just for backup. Assessment results can be exported to spreadsheet or viewed and analyzed online using the statistical analysis tools and progress monitoring charting tools.

When the thirty day free trial period has expired, the paid applications are metered but access to the free apps on the site remains open indefinitely. There are four packages of paid apps: reading, writing, multiple-choice, and moderated discussion. Teachers can purchase from the “Order” page. The paid applications are more powerful and useful than the free versions. Subscribers can generate a limited number of paid apps for free after the thirty-day trial period expires. Discounts are available for subscribers who purchase multiple packages and for site licenses for a group of teachers.

TWH has everything one needs to teach an online class in upper grades and very useful tools for elementary teachers for data analysis and assessment. Most schools are using Google’s Chromebooks because they are durable and reasonably priced. Consequently, most students are learning Google apps and developers are creating apps designed to work in Google’s platform. TWH is moving in that direction. For example, students can signin to TWH using their Google account, teachers can import student rosters from Google Classroom into TWH, and connect their TWH accounts to a Google Classroom so they can export links to assessments generated at TWH right into Google Classroom.

TeachersWebHost.com is unique in many ways. Firstly, it is one of the few businesses offering so many useful apps in one place. The proprietor is a full-time high school teacher who teaches out of the site himself on a daily basis. Secondly, because all of the features were developed directly in response to things teachers needed to do, it is especially well-adapted for its customers. This responsiveness to customer ideas is intended to continue as new apps and features will be added at subscriber suggestion.

An important differentiating feature from the competitors is the wide range of different kinds of services available and linked together under one digital “roof”. None of the competitors examined include the full range of software found at TWH. One strategy the programmer has followed is to write his own version of apps he saw elsewhere so that the app could draw on resources already embedded at TWH. For example, TWH has algorithms to analyze and compare scores, track student activity, organize test questions, and chart progress. Although an app might exist on some other site, it is not embedded in those features like it would be at TWH.

TeachersWebHost.com is a suite of assessment applications for teachers and tutors.

Innovation Assessments, Queensbury, New York

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