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Monitoring Student Work Online

Posted 2017-02-26 03:52:31

When my school introduced ChromeBooks, it was revolutionary. And, like all revolutions, there were some rough spots. Keeping students on-task when the World Wide Web is at their fingertips is hard at first. One answer that worked well for my district was installing software that allowed teachers to see everything students are doing from their own computers and to record this. Knowing they were being spied on annoyed students, but improved on-task behavior.

At Teacher's Web Host, the need to see what students are doing arose when a colleague who had flipped his classroom needed to monitor student access to video lessons he had posted online. I realized I could find this useful as well, so I installed a function in every app at Teacher's Web Host that records what students are doing there. It's called the Audtior and it's found in the Utilities tab in the control panel for your teacher account. Whenever students log in, access a page, start a test, upload a document, sign out a textbook or sign out to go get a drink at the water fountain, the Auditor knows, recording exact time and even the IP address of the computer used.

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