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Google is great... but

Posted 2017-02-26 03:44:42

I have truly become a fan of Google services, really. They're free, extremely reliable, mostly user-friendly. And Google apps are ubiquitous... I almost feel like they're watching as I compose this blog entry even now!

But for me, Google and Google Classroom is not a full "learning management system". I have to use Google Classroom to teach some elementary school classes this year because it's part of the curriculum, so I know it's strengths and weaknesses. Google Classroom was mostly built by programmers, I think, not by teachers. When I use it, I often feel like I'm walking uphill in sand.

In Teacher's Web Host, the user has a full content management system for delivering content online. Content, for a teacher, is much more than links spreadsheets and documents, which is mostly whet Google Classroom offers. The content you can manage at Teacher's Web Host includes assessments in multiple-choice and matching format, textbook inventory, student writing assignments and grading rubrics, form letters individualized for parents, charts and graphs of student progress, even when students sign out of my room!

As the years went by and I or my colleagues would wonder from time to time "wouldn't it be great if there was an app that would ...", I have tried to make that app. Using Moodle a few years ago in taking online classes myself, I got the idea that I could do something that fit better. I am hoping Teacher's Web Host will fit other educators better as well. (Users will note that some of the format of Teacher's Web Host is similar to the structure of content management systems like Canvas or Moodle).

I'm not willing to part with Google apps. They're great. In fact, they can be embedded into Teacher's Web Host with ease. Google calendars, slides, documents, forms, and all: they can be published and embedded into a Teacher's Web Host element feed.

Teacher's Web Host is just starting out now and there's always room for more suggestions: how to make things work better or new apps to facilitate teaching and learning. Suggestions are welcome.

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