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Progress Monitoring Tools

Posted 2017-02-19 02:27:33

Data driven instruction relies on progress monitoring tools and analysis. Many of the apps at Teacher's Web Host have developed to meet the needs of teachers in progress monitoring.

In the student management section of the site, a number of apps assist with progress monitoring. Firstly, there is a reporting system that easily merges data into letterhead reports suitable for mailing home. Teachers enter data in a central database for their students such as the nature of the problem, the intervention applied, and the response to that intervention based on assessments.

Creating visual representations of progress is important to quickly communicate information about a student's progress and thereby make decisions. Teacher's Web Host's chart system allows easy creation of bar and line graphs. The graphing features are connected to the reports so that they are easily integrated.

Reading teachers doing running records will find Teacher's Web Host's running record charts a breeze to use. Designed with the advice of an experienced reading teacher, data entered into the database is quickly transformed into a standard running record chart.

What do you need to monitor your students' progress? Teacher's Web Host is always open to new ideas for apps to make teaching efficient and effective. Why not let us know and we'll see what we can create?

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