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Posted 2018-04-04 04:16:30

"I teach grades 6-9, and I've been using Teacher's Web Host for a few years now and am so grateful for the amount of time it has saved me.  I mainly use the program for my multiple choice tests in vocabulary and chapter questions from our class novels.  Teacher's Web Host automatically grades them and generates analytical reports.  I only need to enter the test once, assign it and they're instantly graded for me!  Just one quiz will save me 30 minutes of grading time; multiply that by the dozens of quizzes I give each year.   I'm talking about saving hours upon hours of time that I can put to far better use.  And these quizzes are just one aspect of this program.  I wholeheartedly recommend Teacher's Web Host to all teachers who wish to lessen the amount of time we spend on grading, test analysis, and paperwork."

- English Teacher, Schroon Lake Central School, New York

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