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Technology and Differentiated Instruction

Posted 2017-02-18 02:35:47

Call it differentiated instruction or universal design for learning, either way it is a recipe for maximizing student achievement by minimizing irrelevant obstacles to learning. If teachers of old, working in one room schoolhouses and all grades in one room, could just see what we have today!

Teacher's Web Host provides a powerful and flexible online learning management system that paves the way for effective differentiation that will not burn out the teacher. Built-in assessment systems that one will not find in Google Classroom are one way Teacher's Web Host eases the path to universal learning design. Firstly, test questions for vocabulary and multiple-choice are maintained in databases and are catalogued by category, difficulty level, and learning standard. This three-factor classification system permits easy generation of tests at different levels -- and all scored and item-analyzed automatically.

A second way Teacher's Web Host facilitates differentiated instruction is by way of its organizational system. Teachers can create separate courses and groups and cross-link tasks and assignments as appropriate across courses. Further, the links in the course feed (that's the list of links to tasks and resources in a course) can be moved around in any order and hidden when not in use.

Teacher's Web Host is envisioned as the backbone of your teaching, a place to organize your resources. Google forms and documents and slide shows are easily published and embedded in the course feed. Links to your favorite web sites are easily embedded in just the right place.

Modern differentiated instruction is data-driven. Teacher's Web Host includes a variety of powerful statistical tools that were developed with the help of a skilled secondary mathematics teacher. But that's for another blog entry...

TeachersWebHost.com is a suite of assessment applications for teachers and tutors.

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