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** NEW FEATURE** Running Records

Posted 2018-01-21 03:32:15

  Come try out the new running records program! Students log in, record themselves reading right through the browser, save the recording, and then at the teacher's convenience he or she can listen and analyze the record. It's not just a recording: the program presents the text and easy tools to mark the text online and save the analysis. Calculations are done for you for error rates and accuracy. Add comprehension questions if you'd like. The program automatically generates a progress chart and adds on to it for each running record your student completes.

This program was suggested by a busy fourth grade teacher with a large class and a high percentage of special needs students. The app makes it easy to collect, store, and chart important progress monitoring data. An aide can take a student into the hallway with his or her ChromeBook and supervise a 5-10 minute hundred-word recording.

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