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TeachersWebHost.com is the Perfect Companion to Google Classroom!

Posted 2017-10-22 03:14:37

A growing number of apps allows you to integrate TeachersWebHost.com with Google Classroom!

TeachersWebHost.com is an ideal companion to Google Classroom! Badges, discussion forums, multiple-choice tests, vocabulary tests, and all these features can be quickly exported right from your TWH control panel into your Google Classroom.

  • Quickly import student rosters from Classroom into TeachersWebHost.com to create student accounts and to enable login via Google Signin
  • Easily export links to your TeachersWebHost.com activities into your Google Classroom.
  • Students click the link in Classroom, sign in to TeachersWebHost.com using Google credentials, and then are referred directly to the activity in TeachersWebHost.com.

These kinds of applications are perfect for using with ChromeBooks.

Got an idea for an app to integrate with Google Classroom? Suggestions welcome!

TeachersWebHost.com is a suite of assessment applications for teachers and tutors.

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