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Badges Updates

Posted 2017-10-16 07:09:12

Thanks to suggestions from subscribers, the following updates have been made to the digital badge management system.

  • It's now possible to list who does not have a badge.
  • Badge image size has been increased on the charts page.
  • It's now possible to export a direct link to a Google Classroom to the TeachersWebHost badges page. Students click on the link in Classroom, authenticate using their Google credentials, and access their badges page. (Note: Students can log in using their Google signin only if the account information matches exactly. It is recommended to import the roster from Google Classroom instead of creating the accounts manually so you can be assured all the data matches perfectly).
  • A bug sometimes preventing some students from accessing TeachersWebHost links in a Google Classroom has been resolved.
  • Teachers can set up a badge-reward exchange, in which students may request to trade in a certain number of badges for some concrete reward.

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