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Advantages Over Other Class Content Management Systems

Posted 2017-02-17 03:03:25

Teacher's Web Host has many advantages over other content management systems such as Google Classroom.

One of my early frustrations with Google Classroom was the inflexibility in ordering the links in the class feed. I could only set the order of assignments by moving them to the top. Teacher's Web Host lets me set the precise order of my assignments with an easy drag and drop interface. In addition, Teacher's Web Host lets me hide individual assignments or a whole unit at a time so I can save for the future and make visible to a class when we get there.

Google Classroom was written by programmers who were experts in managing documents online. Really, that's all it does. Teacher's Web Host was designed by educators and so presents information in ways educators would expect, following the norms and conventions of the profession for assessment and documentation. Google Classroom will show you a list of scores on returned work. Teacher's Web Host will provide a statistical overview of the class' performance on an assessment and, in the case of multiple-choice and vocabulary assessments, will give an item analysis aligned with learning standards that will save a teacher hours of work.

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