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Quarter 3, 10 Grade 6 HTML Lessons

Posted 2018-02-05 10:10:41

Quarter 3 is Introduction to web site coding. Students will have 10 lessons in very basic HTML (hypertext markup language). A secondary, but equally important, objective is that the student develop listening and attention skills. It is common for people this age to give up on a problem quickly and call the teacher over for solution. The structure of this class will promote growing resilience and confidence in problem-solving.

Each lesson begins with a tutorial showing coding that students imitate. Students will need to develop keen observation skills to see where what they type differs from what is at the board. It would not be appropriate for students to call me over to solve this for them. Students have assigned seats to promote on-task behavior and attentiveness.

Students are to submit whatever they have done for the class period by 3pm. They can then revise this if they wish for a higher mark within three (3) school days. Students who need assistance from me can get a pass to come during a study hall or lunch. Extensions will be given for absent days. I am not able to offer credit for tasks incomplete by this third school day.

All work is conducted through www.TeachersWebHost.com/jones . Parents are welcome to email me for an account so they can access the course. 

In quarter 4, students will have 10 lessons in programming using Scratch, a programming language especially useful for children.

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