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Description of the Basic Proficiency Curriculum

Comparing Textbook Reading Workload and announcing a change in grading policy for using textbooks at lower reading level in high school courses.

Whitepaper: “General Global History”, A Local Diploma Secondary Social Studies Course

Pilot Test, Online High School Class, 2015-2016, "Virtual Model United Nations"

Literature Review (research) 1:1 Laptop programs in 4-12

Virtual Model United Nations, Analysis and Design

Literature Review (research) Explaining the Music While Studying Policy

Literature Review (research) Explaining the Installment Quiz System

Collection of 15 Studies / Literature Reviews (research) (2010-2015) I Wrote Describing my Preferred Teaching Method

A Secondary Level Differentiated Instruction Method Aligned with the Common Core State Standards - The theoretical basis for the teaching methods I use is here. Anything you want to know about why I do what I do is in here.

Appropriate Weighting of the Interim Examination -- A study of scores corelative to GPA leading to an adjustment of how the interim exam is weighted in the students' GPA. Change to take effect in the 2014-15 academic year.

A Study of the Reading task (Cornell Format)

A Study of a Note Taking Task as Interim Examination Improvement Method - Example of using statistics to determine whether instructional intervention was responsible for change in student performance. Supporting evidence for the notes task as it exists currently.

Establishing a Local Normal Growth Rate in Curriculum-based Measures for Social Studies

A Study of the Basic Proficiency Plan Explores aspects of a modified curriculum, especially student performance.

A Demonstration of Grading System Aligned with New York State Standards

Interim Assessment in Middle School Social Studies

Social Studies Common Core State Standards Literary Nonfiction Task - Research-based activity for bringing students in middle school to the Common Core State Literacy (reading) standards.

A Study of the Correlation between Quarter Averages and Quarterly Cumulative Exams - Which is the best measure of student performance, a cumulative multiple-choice exam given quarterly or the overall average at each quarter marking period? (Answer: the latter)

Analysis of Rubrics for Social Studies - Incomplete and continuing study of the rubrics used to assess different tasks in social studies. These are statistical studies examining the degree to which the assessment for different tasks are truly equivalent using NYS Intermediate Social Studies Test and Global History and Geography Regents exams as benchmark.

Analysis of grade 8 social studies results 2010 - An analysis of results of the 2010 NYS Intermediate Social Studies Test for a class whose training was designed entirely around fully differentiated class.

A Case for Making Homework Rare - A review of research on homework that directed me to the minimalist homework policy I adopted for grades 7 and 8. It turns out that homework has no effect on student achievement in elementary but that it is very important in high school. Middle school homework should be moderate, perhaps half of high school homework levels. Too much homework in middle schools has a negative effect on student achievement. Students who struggle in school should probably be taught without homework. Homework is one treatment. A one-size-fits-all approach at any level is no more sensible than the doctor who treats every illness with the same antibiotic.

Are Brief Historical Fiction Tasks Equal to Short Term Memory Quizzes - In 2010-2011 I experimented with having students write short historical fiction narratives as an alternative to short answer quizzes. This study established that the tasks are equivalent. In 2011 the new Common Core State Standards called for narrative writing, so it was useful to have already developed this rubric.

On Using Textbooks in Middle School - Research review directing me to the use of multiple textbooks and to reject the assignment of the same textbook to all students in a class when all students in the class are not at the same skill level.

A Study of the Basic Proficiency Model - A preliminary study of the concept of basic proficiency. This is a modified curriculum designed for students who struggle. It entails reducing the amount of material students are taught (and the resulting maximum score, to be fair) to increase the amount they retain long term.