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Writing Assessment

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The writing assessment can accept student writing samples for evaluation either as PDF or typed right into the web site and saved there. Writing tasks are typically graded using “rubrics” which describe different possible grades. This app attaches the grading rubric to the task in a way that is easy to reference. When the student writing sample is saved to the site, the teacher can mark up the errors using standard error editing codes. Score is saved to a database and several analysis charts are generated. An individual’s writing progress can be charted over time automatically. A class’ performance can be analyzed for the most commonly occurring error type and average score on the different dimensions of a rubric. Subscriptions, both paid and free, come with 150 student sub-accounts standard. A small fee applies for additional students. During the thirty-day free trial period, all apps are accessible.

Feature Free $ per month
use Google signin to access site
import student rosters from Google Classroom
export link to assessment into a Google Classroom
extensive and detailed audit of student site use
student sign in and out of classroom app
app to manage student borrowing and returning texts and other class materials
teacher's customized "front page" blog
built-in rubrics (23 and growing!)
short answer jeopardy-style game
content management system to organize links by class and by topic
automation of charting of student progress on tasks over time
email notification to student on scoring
automated award classroom merit badge at set score criteria
generic inbox to receive and score various student work samples
view and export statistics
download writing prompts bank to backup or share with others
set "collaboration mode" to enable students to make editing suggestions on their partner's work
item analysis for each task showing student and class performance on a writing prompt
organize writing prompts questions in a sortable database by category
generate online writing prompt, save the student scores in a database
set a writing task to revision mode so student can rewrite using editing markup
attach an image to a writing prompts
attach a pdf to writing prompts

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